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The world is awakening. A new era is literally dawning. Many signs and signals are coming to fruition, not the least of which is the crumbling of old ways of being, old institutions and old ideas.

Humanity is undergoing a process of change on planet Earth. Many are un-nerved, but others see that this is simply a transition period to a much brighter, more enlightened and humane future.

The new ideas like social consciousness, right human relations, brotherhood, right sharing of resources and stewardship of the plants, animals, oceans and the earth are growing in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. We are growing up and maturing.

New spiritual ideas are emerging, traditional religious roads are either dying or evolving into a newer perspective where the individual can seek God within and divinity is available to all. Science and spirituality are converging to reveal that the two are not un-alike.

“Alternatives” are emerging everywhere– alternative medicine, alternative energy sources, alternative food choices and alternative livelihoods to name a few.

The knowledge of the East and the West are converging. Eastern practices and philosophies of meditation, yoga and spirituality are growing in North America, while the Eastern world embraces and develops science and new technology innovations.

People are hungry for new knowledge and new understanding as their souls awaken to the new energies and they ask themselves….  Where did we come from and where are we going?  Is there an order to the universe? Who am I? Do I have a purpose, a part to play?

As students on the path of life, we too have asked ourselves all these questions and are passionate in studying, learning and sharing more about the nature of ourselves and the nature of existence.  There is so much to discover!

To this end, we are thrilled to help manifest this store and centre to serve as a resource for like-minded individuals in the surrounding communities.

The Point of Light is exactly that – a point, or centre where knowledge can be gained, new ideas can be shared and movement towards personal and planetary healing and wholeness can evolve.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing the journey together!

Yours in Love, Light and Service.

Barb and Karthik

The Point of Light - Store and Centre