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Crystal Description – Page G


Crystal Lattice Structure:

Cubic (Isometric)

Attributes: Crystallizes in cubes. Grey in color.

Energy: Grounding in energy & enhances the centering of ones energy field.

Spiritual: Transforming stone, effective when embarking on a spiritual journey. Assists in opening the pathway between the physical & ethereal bodies.

Mental: Stone of harmony; it stimulates interaction on all levels & assists in reducing self-limiting ideas. Stimulates the nervous system.

Emotional: Assist in past life regression and healing. Brings strength, courage and ability to face life’s bitter sides.

Physical: Reduces inflammations and heals skin irruptions. Beneficial to the blood & overall circulation system. Increases the assimilation and Selenium & Zinc. Assists in stimulation of hair growth and brings the hair into a healthy state of being. Assists in counteracting the ill effects of electromagnetic pollution.

Elements: Lead Sulphide - PbS

Crystal Structure: Cubic - Isometric


Crystal Lattice Structure:


Attributes: Transparent or translucent crystal. Often faceted

Energy: Powerful energizing & regenerating stone. Cleanses & energizes chakras. Warns of approaching danger

Spiritual: Useful crystal to have during Crisis, it transmutes crisis into challenge. Can stimulate pituitary & expand awareness. May recall past life. Activates other crystals & amplifies their effect.

Mental: Brings courage to seemingly hopeless situations. Activates & fortifies the survival instincts. Dissolves patterns that are no longer needed. Assists in letting go of obsolete ideas.

Emotional: Inspires love & devotion. Removes inhibitions & taboos. Opens heart & bestows self-confidence.

Physical: Stimulates metabolism. Treats spinal & cellular disorders. Purifies the blood, heart & lungs. Balances sex drive.

Elements: Magnesium & Aluminium Double Silicate, General Formula: X3Y2(SiO4)3, where,

X-(Ca2+, Mg2+, Fe2+) & Y-(Al3+, Fe3+, Cr3+)

Crystal Structure: Cubic


Crystal Lattice Structure:


Attributes: Its colour may be yellow, orange, red, brown, black brown, yellow brown or red brown. It may occur as prismatic crystals but the more common form is massive opaque stone, with a radial shape within the stones.

Energy: Goethites strong energy helps you make a connection with the earth. This stone may benefit you if you have been effected by the earth changes.

Spiritual: Once you are in meditation with this stone you can make a deeper connection with Mother Earth.

Mental: This is an excellent stone to help you if you have lost a loved one as it has a strong vibration that aids you to heal grief.

Emotional: Sometimes you feel emotionally choked up, especially if something has happened that is out of your control. What you need is to be able to be free to feel the emotion without it breaking you up, which is what Goethite facilitates.

Physical: It is a strong stone to aid you to enhance your creativity especially if you are a writer or musician, or working in a profession where you use your creative abilities.

Elements: HydroxideMineral FeO(OH)

Crystal Structure: Orthorhombic

Goldstone (a.k.a. Aventurine Glass or Monk's Gold)

Crystal Lattice Structure:


Attributes: Manmade, glass with sparkly specks of copper.

Energy: Stone of ambition. It builds energy, courage & positive attitude.

Spiritual: Bringer of good luck and protection. Copper’s association with Venus makes it a bringer of love. Each gold speck is a microscopic copper crystal formed when cooled within glass; copper being a good conductor, this stone is a great conductor of spiritual energies.

Mental: Enhances one’s confidence & one’s innate creativity.

Emotional: Goldstone's coppery brown connects it to the sacral chakra. It transmutes heavy emotions, balance pleasure, or become more creative.

Physica: Heals the lower back, the urinary tract, and reproductive system. It helps to reduce stomach tension & benefits arthritic conditions.  It is helpful to bones, painful joints and circulation.

Elements: Copper oxide & Silica - (CuO & SiO2). Note: Glittering effect is called  “Aventurescence

Crystal Structure: Tetragonal

Grossularite (Form of Garnet)

Crystal Lattice Structure:


Attributes: Wide color band: colourless, white, pink, cream, orange, red, honey & green.
Energy: Stone of regeneration, Garnet provides a great energy boost to its user. The multitude of pastel colors in this garnet makes it gentle & grounding along with it being a fiery garnet in its core.
Spiritual: Aids us in celebrating what one has & learn gratitude. The fiery properties of garnet gives it a special tendency towards manifestation. Aids in the manifestation of spiritual dreams.
Mental: A deeply spiritual stone teaching appreciation of abundance, from physical wealth to spiritual connection to the Divine. Great tool to access past life information. Amplifies hope.
Emotional: Excellent crystal to soothe & reduce emotional extremes, especially if all your previous relationships have been very dramatic. Encourages social growth & service to community.
Physical: Especially effective towards the regulation of the adrenal glands, controlling the fight or fight response. Assists with healing headaches, pain, & exhaustion.
Elements: Calcium aluminum silicate - Ca3Al2(SiO4)3
Crystal Structure: Cubic

Gypsum (A form of Selenite)

Crystal Lattice Structure:


Attributes: Colour ranges from white, colourless, greenish, yellow-brown, grey, pink, red-brown, brown and black. 

Energy: They carry a very high vibration, and instill clarity of mind and a deep sense of inner peace. Be aware that Gypsum is water-soluble and should not be left long in the water when making elixirs.

Spiritual: Assists you in opening your crown chakra and it can even assist you in contacting your 'Spiritual Guides'.

Mental: Helps bring growth and improvement in character. Helps bring clarity of mind and good fortune.

Emotional: It dissolves negative energy and promotes positive thinking, mental clarity and self-awareness. Gypsum calms emotions, encouraging willpower and strength of character. Helpful in times of change, Gypsum encourages wisdom and understanding.

Physical: Gypsum relieves tension and is a good balancer of the body’s electrical charges. Also, helps to produce strong bones and can enhance elasticity in skin.

Elements: Sulfate mineral CaSO4·2H2O

Crystal Structure: Monoclinic


Crystal Lattice Structure:


Attributes: Brittle, transparent to translucent. Color include brown, Yellow, white, light green. Its name is derived from the Greek work ‘Guros’, meaning circle, related to its over rounded formations.

Energy: Energetically brings about a general state of well-being. It also cleanses & enhances the healing qualities of other crystals. It assists the connection & working mechanism between the physical & energy bodies.

Spiritual: Meditations with this crystal can bring about ancient learning & wisdom.

Mental: It assists one to overcome excessive introversion & addictive behaviors.

Emotional: It supports one with maintaining emotional calm.

Physical: Assists with graceful movement of the body making it a beneficial stone for dancers & athletes. Helps align the spine & overall skeletal health. It is also believed to have a positive influence on the body’s capacity to assimilate Calcium.

Elements: NaCa16Si23AlO60(OH)8•64(H2O)

Crystal Structure: Rhombohedral