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Crystal Lattice Structure:


Attributes: Often thin tabular crystal, colors varying from orange-red, yellow-orange & brown.

Energy: Known to provide emotional harmony.

Spiritual: Gets all kinds of blocked energy moving in the right direction.

Mental: The colour yellow is uplifting & inspiring, often alleviating dark or depressive thoughts. Great crystal to have when one wants to finish a project that they started & may have problems or blockages preventing their creativity to flow through.

Emotional: It is a powerful healer of emotions & traumas that are deeply rooted in one’s emotional body. It could also be used to heal past life events which might have a lingering effect on this lifetime. Moves blocked energy & boosts artistic creativity.

Physical: Stimulates metabolism & enhances reproductive function. Assists with uterine healing & childbirth or miscarriage.

Note: Lead is toxic if taken internally, please use this crystal externally only.

Elements: Lead molybdate [PbMoO4]

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