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Crystals For Life Situations – Abundance



     Stone for Abundance (Wealth, Prosperity & Success).

     Smoothens family discords.



    Provides Strength of Character to Overcome Misfortunes of Life.

    Protects from the ploys of magicians & imparts mental clarity.


Fluorite - Yttrian

    Attracts Wealth and Abundance.

    Teaches principles of manifestation.



    Stabilize Finances, can be Placed in the Wealth Corner / Cash Box.

    Promotes taking control of life.



    One of the Stone of Abundance and Aids in retaining Wealth and Passion.

    Promotes dynamic leadership & brings about a positive & courageous state of mind.


Tiger's Eye - Blue (Hawk's Eye)

    Attracts Abundance.

    Particularly useful in dissolving restrictive & negative thought patterns & ingrained behavior.



    Brings the energy of joy, generosity, abundance & good health.

    Known to bring love & good fortune.


Tourmaline - Green (Verdelite)

    Attracts abundance and prospriety.

    Nurturing stone brings balance, transforming negative to positive.