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Crystals For Life Situations – Anger



    ╚ Heals inner anger & fosters love and the courage to start again.

    ╚ Assists in overcoming negativity and bitterness.

Agate - Blue Laced

    ╚ Exudes peaceful energy and neutralizes anger.


    ╚ Promotes emotional centering, dispels anger, fear, rage & anxiety.

    ╚ Provides calm stimulation to the mind.


    ╚ Eases sorrow, apathy and anger.

    ╚ Reduces irritability & overcomes emotional exhaustion.

Calcite - Green

    ╚ Soother anger based dis-ease.

    ╚ Helps with letting go.


    ╚ Stops anger in its tracks.

    ╚ Dispels fears & phobias.


    ╚ Assists in eliminating rage & uncontrolled anger.

    ╚ Absorbs anger directed towards you.


    ╚ Dispels blockages, illusion, anger, frustration & stress.

    ╚ Increases capacity for logical & linear thought. Stimulates higher mind.

Lapis Lazuli

    ╚ Releases repressed anger from throat or in communication.

    ╚ Brings honesty in communication.


    ╚ Alleviates jealousy, resentment, anger & stress.

    ╚ Enhances confidence & assertion without aggression.

Quartz - Lithium

    ╚ Neutralizes ancient anger & grief.

    ╚ Can reach past lives to dissolve the roots of emotional dis-ease.

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