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Crystals For Life Situations – Electromagnetic Smog



    Absorbs harmful cell phone radiations.

    Regulates growth from birth to 7 years, so great for infant's physical growth.


    Blocks geopathic, electromagnetic & computer stress.

    Cleanses & stabilizes aura.

Herkimer Diamond

    One of the strongest crystals for clearing electromagnetic pollution or radioactivity.

    Blocks geopathic stress.


    Clears electromagnetic & environmental pollution, including radiation.

    Balances yin & yang energies.

Kunzite - Yellow

    Clears environmental smog & deflects radiation & microwaves from the auric field.

    Stabilizes the reinforcing the cellular blueprint.


    Treats illness Caused by Computer stress.

    Enhances of generation of negative ions, combating cancer causing free radicals.


    Soaks up plutonium pollution & guards against radiation of any kinds. Clears electromagnetic smog.

    Absorbs negativity & pollutants from environment & body.

Quartz - Smokey

    Blocks geopathic stress & due to its own experience with radiations serves as a great tool to heal from radiation-related illness or chemotherapy.

    It neutralizes negative vibrations & blocks geopathic stress.


    Its a natural anti-oxidant which in turn greatly increases the immune system by absorbing cancer causing free radicals.

    It shields the aura against all kinds of harmful radiations, TV, EMF, wi-fi & cellular.


    Combats radiation damage & insomnia.

    Boosts the immune system.