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Crystals For Life Situations – Grief



    Clears stress, worry & grief.

    Transmutes fear & phobias, brings the cause of fears & phobias.

Calcite - Pink (Mangano)

    Stone of forgiveness, it releases fear & grief.

    Attracts unconditional love.

Obsidian - Apache Tear

    Comforts during grief, provides insight into source of distress.

    Relieves long held grievances.


    Can be used to heal old grief & sorrows.

    Aids in the healing old injuries & trauma.

Quartz - Rose

    Soothes internalized pain & heals deprivation especially during moments of grief.

    Encourages self forgiveness & acceptance.

Quartz - Lithium

    Neutralizes ancient anger & grief.

    Gently lifts the conditions underlying the depression to the surface.

Sugilite (Luvulite)

    Alleviates sorrow, grief & fear.

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