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Crystals For Life Situations – Protection



    Powerful protection stone, it brings stability to life.

    Can counteract suicidal or depressive tendencies.


    Protect the heart from psychic vampirism.

    Absorbs harmful cell phone radiations.


    Protects the soul & grounds it back into the body.

    It helps in dissolving negativity.


    Protective stone which removes obstacles & brings in harmony.


    Provides protection & grounds energies.

    Absorbs negative energy leaving the surrounding clear.


    Provides protection during spiritual journeying.

    Stone of protection, guards against violence & illness.


    Dispels negativity while shielding & Strengthening the Aura.

    Dispels attached entities & mental influences from the aura.


    Banishes fear & insecurities & psychic debris from previous disappointments.

    Removes other people's projections, including thought forms that have hooked into the aura.


    Protective stone when properly programmed.

    Makes you invisible (energetically) & can be used when stealth is required in dangerous places.


    Shows how to detach yourself from outside influences.

    Motivates growth & brings necessary change.


    Can be used to form a protective drid around the house. A large piece of selenite in the house ensures a peaceful atmosphere.

    Selenite wands can be used to detach entities from the aura.

Tiger's Eye - Gold

    Protective stone, wards off ill wishing & curses.

    Placed on naval, it is an excellent stone for people who are spaced out.


    Shamanic stone that brings protection during rituals.

    Clear the aura, remove blockages, disperse negative energy & point to solutions for specific problems.


    Its a purification stone which dispels negative energy & clear electromagnetic smog.

    On the throat chakra, it releases old vows, inhibitions & prohibitions.

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