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Crystals For Life Situations – Relationships


Carnelian - Pink

    Improves Parent Child Relationship

    Helps Restore Love and Trust after Abuse of Manipulation


    Beneficial for Rocky Relationships, Stabilizing and Healing

    Dissolves Miasmas


    Encourages Fidelity in Business & Personal Relationships

    Useful for Forgiveness and Compassion


    Promotes Balance in Relationships

    Brings Suppressed Feelings to Surface for Resolution

Jade - Green

    Harmonizes Dysfunctional Relationships

    Channels Passion in Creative Ways

Lapis Lazuli

    Bonds Relationship in Love and Friendship

    Aids Expression of Feelings and Emotions


    Activates heart & solar plexus chakras & releases old baggage. Clears burdens, guilt or obsessions.

    Shows how to forgive yourself & can improve difficult relationships.

Quartz - Titanium Inclusion

    Beneficial for dysfunctional relationships as it shows projections to assist the release of old karmic ties.

Quartz - Rose

    Excellent for healing from trauma or crisis.

    Attracts Love (place in the relationship corner of your home).

Tourmaline - Brown

    Makes one comfortable in large groups. Heals dysfunctional family relationships & strengthens empathy.

    Encourages community, spirit & Social commitment.

Tourmaline - Watermelon

    Assists in understanding of situations & expressing intentions.  Beneficial for relationships & helps to find joy in situations.

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