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Crystals For Life Situations – Women’s Health


Agate - Moss

    Reduces pain & assists in child birth.

    Assists people with brain imbalances and gives insight into the reason behind them.

Chalcedony - Pink

    Eases breast feeding problems.

    Eases the flow of the lymphatic fluids.


    Excellent stone for women health, treats PMS & menstrual cramps.

    Reoxygenates the blood & the cellular structure of the lungs, giving greater lung capacity.


    Elixir is helpful for menstrual problems & menopausal problems / symptoms.

    Increases blood circulation & detoxification.


    Facilitates child birth (also called a 'Midwife Stone).

    Helpful for cramps, including menstrual cramps.


    It is an excellent for conception, pregnancy, childbirth & breast feeding

    Affects female reproductive cycle & alleviates menstrual dis-ease.


    Aids in getting pregrant.

    Assists the skin, tissue & hair growth.


    Excellent stone for breast feeding & nurturing a child.

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