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Guided Chakra Clearing Workshop

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This event has passed.
Guided Chakra Clearing Workshop
April 8, 2017 10:30 am
April 8, 2017 3:00 pm
March 21, 2017
the point of light

What participants had to say: “Excellent Experience! It helped me connect to my inner-self and know my own path.” “I didn’t know what to expect- was very enlightening and wonderful!” “Great class- love Janine as an instructor.” :)

Experience clear free-flowing energy!

Experience chakra clearing as you are taken deep into each chakra with a guided meditation, sound clearing using mantras and sound healing tools. Finish with a candle “Fire” ceremony bringing light to the chakras as they are revitalized.

Chakras are vortices through which life force energy flows both in and around your body relating to the endocrine glands and all physicality. These vital energy centres can become clogged with residues from physical, emotional and mental traumas. Do you experience Low energy? Physical issues? Lack Boundaries? Fearful? Oversensitive? Low Self-Esteem? Controlling? Angry? or perhaps just need a “tune-up” for your energies to flow more freely.

With clear and free chakras, you may begin to experience inner harmony and balance as your whole energy begins to shift and align so wellness can begin naturally, on all levels.

Handouts of tips to promote healthy chakras provided.

Sat April 8, 2017

10:30 am – 3:00pm

Cost: $79 + hst.

Call to register 289-802-3190

Instructor:  Janine Hutchinson Janine is a multi-talented energy practitioner with experience in BodyTalk, Reiki, Esoteric Healing and Inca Shamanic work. She’s  a Certified Reiki Master & Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association.  Janine has been fascinated with metaphysical topics of healing and energy since her teen years. With a B.A in Social Sciences, Janine has been offering healing since 1995. She brings much intuition and energy into her Reiki teaching. She provides Reiki Training in both Usui and Komyo styles.

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