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Pewter Tokens with a stamped Inspirational message. Little pocket reminders to uplift your spirit

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Happy Diwali everyone! Hand carved slate wall decor from India. Colorful dancing Ganesha with his little mouse animal totem, is one of the most famous gods in the Eastern pantheon. With an elephant’s face, a belly showing his penchant for good food &..

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Crystal heart anyone? Lovely 1.5″ tall puffy crystal hearts. Colorful & meaningful gifts to brighten someone’s day! Come check it out! #Thepointoflight #Newmarket #crystalshop #Newage

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Unique inspirational wall art (10×8″ – canvas: ‘Om’ made up of ‘Shanti’). ‘Om’ represents the ever pervading sound in the Universe, the sound that created & is sustaining everything in manifestation. Shanti is another #Sanskrit word which means #peace..

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Lovely rendition of #bhumisparsha Buddha, standing 11″ high. Bhumisparsha is a #sanskrit composite word #bhumi (Earth) & #sparsha (touch). This #mudra signifies the moment of Siddhartha’s enlightenment where in he touches the ground to asking the Earth..

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Wishing everybody a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

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Plug in Night Light & Aroma Lamps! Beautiful assorted designs to light up your world

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Tri-Colored crystal singing bowl tuned at 432Hz. This baby comes in 8 & 10″ sizes resonating to note B (crown) at different octaves & frequencies. To some the note at the lower octave sounds blissful, whilst for others a higher frequency (octave) note..

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Some interesting titles on spirituality and metaphysics. Titles to stimulate both the left (analytical) and the right (imaginative) hemispheres of the brain! From modern quantum mechanics to Krishna’s teachings in antiquity, and everything in between,..

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Amazing 31″ square Buddha print on canvas. A symbol of wisdom, compassion and serenity, Buddha’s 4 noble truths and 8-fold path to attain enlightenment are as apt today as they were on the day they were presented to humanity. A colorful and meaningful..

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Beautiful #oregonite pyramids (2.5 & 3.5″ square base), embedded with crystals, metal shavings and coils to transmute negativity & uplift the surrounding Oregon a.k.a chi / Prana / ether / life force. The pyramidal shape is known since antiquity to bring..

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Simple yet beautiful fine quality decor statues with finesse.Their remarkable beauty will change the ambiance of your home or work space! All Hand Detailed.

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“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau. This beautiful quote which sums up the art of #divination & #mediumship. Many inspirational tarot & oracle decks to choose from at #Thepointoflight in #Newmarket.

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Beautifully hand Crafted Steel Tongue Drum with ‘Flower of Life’ Etching! A modern musical instrument that has excellent sound quality to provide a certain sound when you strike a portion of the drum. Made of metal steel its design features a round..

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