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“May angels guard you through the night and keep you safe until the morning light.” . Night Light – wall plugs. Absolutely love the idea of angels in the room…! #angelswatchingoverme #angels #guardianangel #nightlight #nightlights #lettherebelight #angellight..

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Buddha Face Lap Tray makes working away from the desk as good as it gets. Great for bedtime or on the couch tablet browsing, book reading & laptop blogging. Maximum comfort for you with cushioned backing.

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Now Playing: 1. Deeper Light – Deva Premal (lovely melodies between Deva & Miten). 2. Ganesha Mantras – Veronique Dumont (Powerful mantra repetition-amazingly strong voice & Sanskrit pronunciation). 3. Return to Shiva Station – Jai Uttal (This guy excels..

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Come and learn all about Crystal Singing Bowls! This class will show you how these fantastic tools of sound are effective in energy and vibrational sound healing! You will learn: -The fundamentals of sound and music -Resonance and dissonance in vibrational..

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Quan Yin: The Goddess of Compassion & Mercy. She is an archetype of the divine feminine principle. The one who gives birth, nurtures & heals; the one who forgives & transmutes. Her story (& the spelling of her name) differs from culture to culture, each..

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In this unique workshop, you will learn how to connect, use and understand your own Oracle Cards and understand the beautiful messages you are receiving through them. Oracle Cards can be a powerful tool to help us find clarity especially in times of uncertainty..

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Inspirational & Colorful (17 oz) steel water bottles, for those who let their inner selves out…! Make a bold statement & / or a positive affirmation. . Who wouldn’t like “Life is crazy good.” to manifest in their lives…? #inspirationalquotes #inspiringquotes..

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There is a lot of wisdom in an animal’s seemingly peculiar behavior, we just have to have the eyes to see it..! Be it in a dog’s legendary sense of love & loyalty for its human, or a cat’s healing frequency in its purr, or the unending depths of wisdom..

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Some will say: Just in time, heading into the holiday season! . As always, lots of meaningful items to check out & chose from. . . #Thepointoflight #Newmarket #aurora #Toronto #greatertorontoarea #Vaughan #mississauga #brampton #etobicoke #scarborough..

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“To know the Om is to know the secret of the universe.” – Swami Vivekananda. . . . So many renditions & products of the symbol to choose from, one for everyone…! #thepointoflight #Newmarket #om #omsymbol #AUM #aumsymbol #omwallart #wallartdecor #walltapestry..

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“Sky Above, Earth Below, Peace Within.” . . . . #banners #tapestry #walltapestry #charka #chakras #meditation #lotusposition #spiritualdecor #newagedecor #newage #muladhara #svadhisthana #manipura #anahata #vishuddha #ajna #sahasrara #sevenchakras #7chakras..

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Once Buddha’s jealous cousin Devadatta sent a powerful elephant rampaging towards him, with an intention of having the elephant trample him to death. The Buddha, being the enlightened one, simply raised his right hand facing the elephant (Mudra known..

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A lovely rendition of the Vajra Buddha – Buddha of Transmutation, he is holding the Karana Mudra (middle 2 fingers folded, tucked with the thumb while the index & little fingers pointing outwards). This #mudra aids one in combating negativity & removing..

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