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Holistic Therapies

We offer the best in the latest energy practices and therapies for deep regenerative change from specially selected, gifted, certified practitioners.


Within the store we have a wonderful, calm, private healing space which is augmented by the healing vibrations of the surrounding crystals and the energies of our on-going light-work.

Energy Therapies

Reiki Energy Healing

Ancient Japanese energy healing. Feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that surrounds and fills you, creating deep feelings of relaxation, peace and well-being. Especially helpful with pain, sleep, stress, emotional balancing.

  60 min - $90       30 min - $45


Chakra Balancing

Chakras are the energy conduits in the physical body, which connects the subtle bodies (emotional, mental & spiritual) to the physical body. They receive, assimilate, and express life force energy. Chakras are constantly rotating and vibrating. When one or more of the chakras are blocked, the energy does not flow harmoniously, or if they are too open, it will result an energy imbalance. Chakra balancing promotes health by regulating and maximizing the flow of energy in the body. 

  60 mins - $90


Sound Healing

Sound healing uses vibrational tools (singing bowls or tuning forks) to help the body restore balance, increase energy and gently draw you into a meditative state. Sound healing creates a frequency and vibration that gives the body a massage all the way down to the cellular level. 

  60 mins - $90


Access Bars

There are 32 point on your head which hold thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs that store information from all your lifetimes. When these points are gently touched it dissipates the energetic charge allowing you to release blocks, opening you up to new opportunities and possibilities. Having your bars run can help with anything from relationships, money, stress levels, self sabotaging behaviours, sleep and health. 

  60 mins - $90


Emotion Code

This technique address trapped emotions, which often show up as unseen baggage that you carry. These trapped emotions can show up in several ways whether it be patterns, beliefs, dis-ease or blocks. By removing the emotions it frees up limitations, self-sabotaging behaviours and can help relieve aches and pains. 

  60 mins - $90


Energy  Wellness Package - SAVE!

Purchase any three 60 minute energy sessions with a practitioner and save $30. Choose 3 of the same therapies or mix and match!

  Package of 3 sessions: $240 (save $30)

 Special Rates for Children

Children can benefit from holistic therapy as well. Ask us about our special rates for children 12 years and under.

All prices subject to HST.

To Practitioners

If you are a certified practitioner and would like to work with us, we would love to hear from you!!

Please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.