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Jocelyne Durocher – Reiki Master Practitioner, a 28-year Meditator and Light Worker


About Jocelyne


With a mixture of innocence, purity and wisdom Jocelyne is a truly gifted Reiki practitioner that will put you at ease and take you into deep relaxation where true healing can take place. As a warm, gentle and supportive spirit, during the session, Jocelyne calls on unseen guides and angelic presences to assist with your healing. She uses her intuitive skills to “listen” for any helpful messages that may contribute to your deeper understanding of your situation and assist with the healing. Jocelyne’s message is that no matter how you're feeling today hang on to hope, healing is possible.  

 After experiencing life’s ups and downs, Jocelyne pursued the “call within” and was blessed with meeting an enlightened being who introduced her to spirituality and meditation which literally changed her life.  She realized she had truly found her passion and purpose. On her own and raising her 2 children she whole heartedly dedicated herself to the study of Siddha, eastern spirituality, for 12 years daily. She continued to deepen her own meditation practice and invited others into her home to share the meditation experience together.

Moving to Newmarket three years ago to be near to her daughter and grandchildren was a blessing that began a new era and opened many new doors. She started her Reiki journey in 2000 and knew intuitively that all she wanted was to be of service to others. While meditating she remembered she had been a healer and was still a healer. She completed her Reiki Master certification at The Point of Light Centre, offered herself to the universe and surrendered herself to “go with the flow”.  Not surprisingly, the universe took her at her word and has been gently leading her down a healing path, providing all that she needs.

Jocelyne is still an avid daily meditator and credits meditation with giving her deep relaxation, connection to her heart, and a connection to the Divine. She finds meditation gives her hope, faith, a new appreciation of life and the message that we are never alone.

Now her heart has opened to the beauty of life on earth and her only aim is to be of service to the greater good from an open heart full of love, gentleness and gratitude for the life lived which took her to this moment in time. Namaste. 



Reiki Energy Healing

Ancient Japanese energy healing. Feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that surrounds and fills you, creating deep feelings of relaxation, peace and well-being. Especially helpful with pain, sleep, stress, emotional balancing.

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