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Tabitha Kot

About Tabitha – Certified Energy Healer and Yoga Teacher

Tabitha believes that each person is the expert in their life with an innate capacity for deep healing. As a Yoga teacher and energy healing practitioner, Tabitha sees it as her role to walk beside the student as they move through their process, helping where she can and when necessary, but always with an eye towards the student’s empowerment and ultimate self-reliance. In order to help students along their way, Tabitha relies on her toolbox of skills gleaned from diverse sources – social work, Reiki and Yoga. These traditions help bring the clarity and strength necessary to make important life changes. Tabitha’s deepest held wish is that we all find ways to heal our wounds, to be at peace, and to live our most fulfilling lives.


Reiki Energy Healing

There is a mysterious force in the Universe without which we cannot live. In the tradition of Reiki, this life force is called “chi”. Since it is the thing that all sentient beings require to sustain life, it is also the force that connects us to one another. During a Reiki session with Tabitha, the client is resting safely and comfortably on a massage table, fully clothed, under a top sheet and a blanket. Tabitha lightly places her hands on various parts of the body that correspond with organs, joints, and the more esoteric energy centres of the body. This placing of the hands not only allows the client to know that they are safe and not alone in their experience, it also facilitates a healing transfer of energy between practitioner and client. This healing energy can assist in removing blockages in the system, promoting deep relaxation, stress reduction, and a move back to balance and harmony. Each session is one hour in length.

Yoga - Private Sessions

Private and Semi Private Yoga sessions are invitations to go deeper into the world of Yoga in a companioned way. These sessions allow the student the opportunity to ask questions, to work through specific challenges, and to be fully supported in a safe therapeutic relationship. Each session is developed taking into account the state of the student’s physical health, their personality, emotions, and mindset at that time. This focus on, and commitment to, the individual student, and to the ever-evolving process of Yoga, invites the possibility of deep and lasting personal transformation. Change comes over time when the student is willing to focus deeply, to risk fully, and to practice consistently.
Each session runs for 75 minutes and may include physical postures (asana), breathwork (pranayama), Yoga philosophy, and meditation. Semi-private sessions are also available for students who would like to share the experience of Yoga with one other person.

Private Meditation & Mentoring Session

“You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes every day, unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” – Anonymous

These one hour private sessions allows the student the opportunity to enter the world of meditation from their starting point, addressing issues and obstacles that are relevant to them and their practice as they are in the moment, all the while being strongly supported under the watchful eye of their instructor. Each session is tailored to the needs and abilities of the individual student and includes active meditation time – guided or silent – along with time to ask questions and/or share experiences.

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