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Crystal Description – Page L


Crystal Lattice Structure:


► Attributes: Grayish to black / blue. Iridescent blue / gold flashes.
► Energy: Highly mystical & protective stone. Bringer of inner light.
► Spiritual: Raises consciousness & connects with universal energies. Deflects unwanted energies. Stone of esoteric knowledge.
► Mental: Banishes fear, insecurities & psychic debris from previous disappointments (including those of past lives). Strengthens faith in self & in universe. Removes other people's projections, thought forms that have hooked into the aura. Calms an overactive mind. Dispels illusion. Brings up suppressed memories from past.
► Emotional: Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength & perseverance. Stone of transformation prepares body & soul for ascension process.
► Physical: Aligns physical & etheric bodies. Grounds spiritual energies. Treats disorders of eyes & brain.
► Elements: Sodium & Calcium Alumino-Silicate (Tectosilicate)

    - (Ca,Na)(Al,Si)4O8
► Crystal Structure: Triclinic

Lapis Lazuli

Crystal Lattice Structure:

Cubic (Isometric)


Attributes: Deep blue flecked with gold. Dense & veined.

Energy: Opens the third eye. Stimulates enlightenment.

Spiritual: Enhances dream work & psychic abilities. Possesses enormous serenity & its key to spiritual attainment. Recognizes psychic attacks & blocks it, returns energy to source. Teaches the power of the spoken word.

Mental: Encourages taking charge of life. Reveals inner truth. Releases repressed anger from throat / communication. Lapiz is a powerful thought amplifier. Stimulates the higher faculties of the mind.

Emotional: Allows self-expression without holding back. Brings compassion. Bonds relationship in love & friendship.

Physical: Alleviates pain, especially migraine & headache. Overcomes depression. Benefits the throat, larynx & thyroid. Cleanses organs, bone marrow, thymus & immune system.

Elements: Aluminium & Sodium Sulfured Silicate Lazurite (25% to 40%) –


Crystal Structure: Cubic (Isometric)

Lava Stone

Attributes: Typically have a spongy outer texture making it seem as a porous rock. Deep Earthy colors, black, brown & red.

Energy: With its origin from deep within the planet’s belly & its association with Earth & Fire elements, this is one of the most energetically potent stones. Due its ancient history & abundance this stone is revered in almost all ancient cultures.

Spiritual: They provide both a great source of power & excellent grounding when over stimulated.

Mental: It teaches great power, has to be wielded with great control. Must have for leaders & people who find themselves having to make key decisions.

Emotional: Due its eruptive origin, it is known to bring about sources of disharmony & dis-ease to the surface for healing & resolution. In folk remedies across different ancient cultures, this stone was given to promote calm.

Physical: Stimulates & alleviates energy blockages from the base & spleen chakras. Excellent four grounding excess energies. In ancient folks remedy it was given to people who had anxiety & other fear based issues. Red lava stone & known to bring rightful fame.


Crystal Lattice Structure:


Attributes: Purple, pink. Plate like layers, slightly shiny or grainy mass.

Energy: Most efficient 'Mopping Tool' (electromagnetic pollution). Stone of transition, reorganizes psychological & behavioral patterns.

Spiritual: Lepidolite insists on being used for highest good. Activates & opens the throat, heart, 3rd eye & crown chakras. Accesses the “Akashic” record. Tunes you to thoughts & feelings from other lives that are causing blockages in present.

Mental: Contains Lithium, helpful in stabilizing mood swings & bipolar disorders. Supports releasing from addictions. Stimulates intellect & analytic qualities. Assists focusing on what is important.

Physical: Relieves allergies. Enhances of generation of negative ions. Relieves exhaustion, epilepsy & Alzheimer's. Numbs sciatica & neuralgia, overcomes joint problems. Excellent for menopause, especially gem elixir. Treats illness caused by computer stress.

Elements: A lilac-gray or rose-coloured member of the mica group.

   -   K(Li,Al)3(Al,Si)4O10(F,OH)2

Crystal Structure: Monoclinic

Lodestone a.k.a Magnetite

Crystal Lattice Structure:

Cubic (Isometric)

Attributes: Natural magnets, used by ancients as magnetic compass which lead to them coining the name ‘Lodestone’ (which in middle English means ‘course stone’ or ‘leading stone’).

Energy: It is believed that this stone gets is magnetic quality from being struck by lightning bolts.

Spiritual: Great director or the true path one seeks, when used in meditation it often points one in the right direction. Its magnetic quality assists one to attract what one seeks, thus it is also known as a ‘stone of manifestation’. It also provides excellent concealment of the aura, protecting it from psychic attacks & curses. It can be used to create magnetic talismans, elevating one’s affinity towards magic.

Physical: Great stone for healers as it assists the proper balancing & alignment of chakras, nadis & overall energetic system. Best used when one stone each is kept at crown & base chakras, providing natural magnetic alignment. It assists in all forms of energy treatments, reiki, acupuncture, reflexology, bodytalk etc.

Elements: Iron oxide [Fe3O4]

Crystal Structure: Cubic (Isometric)



Attributes: Quartz based igneous rock, pink to salmon pink with black inclusion & markings.

Energy: Brings support, grounding & settlement to daily life.

Spiritual: A stone that protects from the upset that can be caused by acts of terror, abuse, anger & energy vampirism.

Mental: Assists to think before you speak & tames anger & frustration. Calms obsessive & destructive tendencies. During times of big changes, it assists one to dig deep & not get taken for ride by the agents of change or change itself.

Emotional: Assists to ground the indecisive &erratic energy, behaviour & emotions. Assists with grounding wavering emotions & thereby lowering stress levels & bringing in a sense of peace & calm. Assists in letting go of any unnecessary emotional attachments.

Physical: Kicks starts the immune system & protects against viral upsets. Assists with nervous system, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, dementia & OCD.

Elements: Rare type of granite with tourmaline, quartz,  mica, alkali feldspar & brown mica

Note: Named after village of Luxulyan in Cornwall, England where this granite is found.