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Crystal Description – Page M


Crystal Lattice Structure:


Attributes: Smooth crystal with colorless, White, Grayish White, Yellowish White, Brownish White features.
Energy: Relaxing and calming stone with a soothing vibration. Excellent for use in meditation.
Spiritual: Helps the mind align with the desires of the heart. Resonates with the heart, third eye, and crown chakras.
Mental: Strong stone for creative visualization and imagination. Aids in the development of psychic visions with exceptional clarity. Helps with self-acceptance and self-esteem.
Emotional: Soothing stone capable of calming oneself enough to “see” ones emotions objectively.
Physical: It has some excellent healing properties that relate to its action to calm your system. This makes it a helpful stone for relieving muscle spasms and general tension and it is known to aid premenstrual tension.
Elements: Magnesium Carbonate (MgCO3)
Crystal Structure: (Rhombohedral) Trigonal - Hexagonal Scalenohedral Class


Crystal Lattice Structure:


Attributes: Green. Concentric light & dark bands & rosettes

Energy: Powerful stone. Caution: Toxic dust, elixir to be applied externally. Amplifies both negative & positive energies.

Spiritual: Has a strong affinity with nature & devic forces. Placed on 3rd eye, it activates visualization & psychic vision. It mercilessly shows, what is blocking your spiritual growth?

Mental: Stone of transformation & adventure. Encourages risk taking & change. Teaches to take responsibility of one's actions, thoughts & feelings. Helps in understanding difficult concept.

Emotional: Opens heart to unconditional love. Stone develops empathy towards others. Alleviates shyness. Useful for psycho-sexual problems, especially when these have been caused by traumatic past life sexual experience. Assists in re-birthing process.

Physical: Soaks up plutonium pollution & guards against radiation of any kinds. Helpful for cramps, including menstrual cramps. Facilitates child birth (also known as “Midwife” Stone).

Elements: Copper carbonate Hydroxide mineral (Cu2CO3(OH)2)

Crystal Structure: Monoclinic


Attributes: Dark green, transparent, folded mass & often glassy.

Energy: A form of Tektite, it has a rare blend of extraterrestrial and Earth materials. Bringer of good fortune & fertility.

Spiritual: Resonates with the crown chakra & brings you in communication with the higher self. Holding up this stone in light & gazing through it shifts your consciousness. It takes you to your highest spiritual dimensions & facilitates the ascension process. It integrates us in accordance with the divine plan & accelerates our spiritual growth. Use it wisely with a grounding stone. May facilitate journeys to other lives if required. Useful stone for those who find it difficult being in incarnation on Earth.

Mental: Provides an overview of reasons for incarnating. Supports empathy & compassion.

Emotional: Assists in developing detachment from physical world possessions & insecurities.

Physical: Makes one aware of the source of dis-ease & assists in releasing & healing process.

Elements: 80% Silicon Dioxide, 10% Aluminium Oxide, 3% Potassium Oxide, 2% Iron Oxide

Note: Also known as:  The Emerald that fell from the sky.


Crystal Lattice Structure:


Attributes: White, cream, yellow, blue/green, Milky/translucent.

Energy: Stone for “New Beginnings”. Strongly connected to the moon & to the intuition.

Spiritual: Makes conscious the unconscious & promotes intuition & empathy. Develops clairvoyance. It is filled with receptive, passive energy. Balances male & female energies.

Mental: Calms overreactions to situations. Opens mind to sudden & irrational impulses, serendipity & synchronicity. Can calm hyperactive children.

Emotional: Its most powerful effect is that of calming the emotions. Placed on the solar plexus, It draws out old emotional patterning to be understood & dealt with.

Physical: Effects female reproductive cycle & alleviates menstrual dis-ease. Linked to pineal gland & balances the hormonal system. Alleviates degenerative conditions of skin, hair, eyes & fleshy organs such as liver & pancreas; Excellent for conception, pregnancy, childbirth & breast feeding;

Elements:  Sodium Potassium Aluminum Silicate -  (Na,K)AlSi3O8

Crystal Structure: Monoclinic


Crystal Lattice Structure:


Attributes: Crystallizes in forms of fibrous aggregates, masses and vertically striated prismatic crystals. Colour ranges from white, colourless yellow and pink.

Energy: Mellow stone, brings harmony and peace to groups.

Spiritual: These crystals also make good Reiki crystals, giving your healing energy more oomph so that your healings can be more efficient. Brings abundance to ones life!

Mental: It eases your mind and allows you to focus better, helping you to eliminate distractions. Eases a restless mind.

Emotional: Mordenite is useful for depression. Provides a swift release from disillusionment, intercepting chaotic energy. It promotes detachment from negativity.

Physical: It is used for the treatment of disorders of the mouth, lungs, and vocal cords.

► Elements: Mordenite is a Zeolite mineral with the chemical formula, (Ca,Na2, K2).