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Crystal Description – Page R


Crystal Lattice Structure:


Attributes: Pink to orange. Banded.

Energy: Represents selfless love and compassion.

Spiritual: Expands consciousness & integrates spiritual with material energies. Imparts a dynamic & positive attitude. Enhances dream state & creativity. Links higher mind & helps integrate new information.

Mental: Helps in identifying ongoing patterns & shows purpose behind them. Insists you to face the truth without excuses or evasion. Urges one to face irrational fears & paranoia. Improves self-worth.

Emotional: Excellent stone for the heart & relationships, especially for those who feel unloved. Excellent for healing those with sexual abuse. Attracts your soul-mate for highest good (maybe karmic lessons involved & may not be pleasant).

Physical: Clears solar plexus & base chakras, gently brings painful & repressed feelings to surface for release. Invigorates the sexual organs. Dilates the blood vessels. Relieves migraines.

Elements: Manganese carbonate, sometimes contains Calcium or Ferrous Iron instead of Manganese.  (MnCO3)

Crystal Structure: Hexagonal


Crystal Lattice Structure:


Attributes: Usually veined by black alteration. Colour range includes pink, brown-red, green, yellow and black.

Energy: Clears path to balance the yin-yang energy.

Spiritual: Synthesizing the equalities of attunement with the spirituality of the universe. Helps achieve one’s greatest potential.

Mental: Assists one in recognizing and implementing the actions required to encourage the brotherhood of humanity. Stimulates the serving aspects of oneself. Dispels anxiety & promotes coherence.

Emotional: Often called a “stone of love”. Activates the heart chakra and propagates unconditional love to the physical plane. Emotional balances that clears wounds and scars from the past and enables the heart to nurture love.

Physical: May activate the pineal gland which thereby stimulates intuitive guidance. Removes debris within chakra system. Can be used in treatment of inflammation of the joints, light, sensitivity, heart disorders & arthritis.

Elements: Manganese Inosilicate  - (Mn, Fe, Mg, Ca)SiO3

Crystal Structure: Tricilinic


Crystal Lattice Structure:


Attributes: White, green, red. Banded/spotted with inclusions.

Energy: Ignites the potential of creativity of the soul.

Spiritual: Facilitates in knowing oneself from a soul level. Can access karmic wisdom strengthening soul, body & mind. Facilitates a deep state of meditation. Assists in past life healing, processes past & integrates with present. Keeps you anchored in the present.

Mental: Enhances self-esteem & self-worth. Imparts acceptance of your True Self. Imparts the strength to deal with challenging life circumstances. Brings awareness to one's own strength.

Emotional: Facilitates emotional release where appropriate.

Physical: Fortifies the body's natural resistance. Treats veins, rashes, skin disorders & infections. Dissolves kidney stones & hardened tissue. Elixir gives strength & improves muscle bone.

Elements: Felsic (silica-rich) composition - typically > 69% SiO2
Also contains Iron and Magnesium. Slowly cooled lava as opposed to rapidly cooled lava which forms Obsidian.

Crystal Structure:  Tetragonal


Attributes: blue, blue to green, green, colourless, can be vitreous to silky, translucent.

Energy: This stone stimulates and balances the throat chakra. Rosasite is deeply calming and allows one to speak with clarity from ones truth.

Spiritual: It provides a re-affirming energy, supporting, sustaining, and strengthening ones faith in the perfect nature of the universe.

Mental: This stone helps one with memory and to retrieve information in all situations and subjects.

Emotional: A stone of support, strength, and sustainability that enables one to speak with clarity.

Physical: Rosasite has been used to treat skin disorders and it can be used to treat damaged tissue. This crystal also strengthens your intellectual powers of memory.

Elements: Carbonates (Cu,Zn)2(CO3)(OH)2

Ruby in Fuchsite

Crystal Lattice Structure:


Attributes: Red ruby crystals embedded in pale to medium green fuchsite.

Energy: Soft energy stone that supports mental clarity.

Spiritual: This stone assists one to understand love at higher levels. It enhances your connection to the nature spirits, devic kingdom & love & appreciation of natural beauty.

Mental: Helps us understand issues related to our day to day life like, stress, routine & career. If you’re having a hard time establishing a routine, this stone assists in reinforcing it.

Emotional: The Fuchsite connects to the heart energy while the Ruby aligns with the base chakra, thereby aligning heartfelt desires with the root energy; enhancing one’s manifestation capacities.

Physical: Promotes vitality & recovery from chronic illness. Assists strengthening of the heart & blood circulation. Fuchsite with Ruby is a wonderful stone for pregnant women or anyone who is birthing something new in the world.

Elements: Fuchsite -  KAl2(AlSi3O10)(F,OH)2 with Ruby (Al2O3) Aluminum Oxide inclusions

Crystal Structure: Orthorhombic

Ruby in Zoisite

Crystal Lattice Structure:


Attributes: Red & Black patches or swirls on bright green.

Energy: Energy amplification stone that can energize the entire field of ones body.

Spiritual: It is used to psychic ability & empowerment, as well as altered states of consciousness.

Mental: Soft energy stone that supports mental clarity.

Emotional: Used in Crystal healing to benefit heart disorders & physical vitality.

Physical: Ruby in Zoisite is used to assist in healing from abuse or trauma issues stemming from incidents or situations in this life or others.

Elements: Zoisite is a silicate & ruby a corundum.

Crystal Structure: Orthorhombic