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Crystals For Life Situations – Change


Calcite - Clear

    Clear calcite with rainbow brings major changes.

    A stone with new beginnings.


    Assist in serenely dealing with change.

    Encourages self awareness & inner balance.


    Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength & perseverance.

    Also called the stone of transformation.


    Malachite is an adventurous stone & it encourages risk taking & change.

    Draws out psychosomatic Causes, breaks unwanted ties & outworn patterns.

Obsidian - Black

    Facilitates the release of old loves & provides support during change.

Opal - Fire

    Symbol of hope, change & progress.

    Especially effective in situations of injustice & mistreatment as it supports through the resulting emotional turmoil.


    Motivates growth & brings necessary change.

    Sharpens mind & opens mind to new levels of awareness.

Quartz - Rose

    Aids acceptance of necessary change (excellent for mid life crisis).

    Enhances positive affirmations.


    Encourages the removal of anything negative in your path.

    Promotes dynamic leadership & brings about a positive & courageous state of mind.

Tiger's Eye - Gold

    Supports an addictive personality in making changes.

    Anchors the change in physical body & balances the yin & yang.

Tiger Iron

    Promotes vitality & hlps in passing through change.

    Promotes change by opening a space to contemplate what is needed & then supplying energy for the necessary action.