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Crystals For Life Situations – Health



    Heals osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiencies.

    Physical | Balances masculine & feminine energies.


    Gem Elexir has been used for the healing of wounds.

    Physical | Resonates with throat, treating goiters & other throat problems.


    Assists in the healing of bones, cartilage & motor skills.

    Physical | Healing arthritis & rickets.

Apatite - Blue

    Heals heart & emotional dis-ease.

    Emotional | Enhances group communication & promotes group speaking.


    Assists in reiki healing.

    Physical | Heals respiratory system, heals asthma.


    Heals eyes, jaw, teeth & stomach.

    Physical | Calms auto immune disorder.


    Heals the reproductive system.

    Physical | Purifies kidneys.


    Heals adrenals, lungs, sinuses, heart & muscular & urogenital systems.

    Physical | Anti-inflammatory, lowers cholesterol & prevents heart attacks.


    Heals kidneys, gallbladder & liver blockages.

    Mental | Removes blockages to brain.


    Stimulates blood clotting & tissue healing (wounds).

    Physical | Strengthens skeleton & joints.

Calcite - Black

    Heals past trauma.

    Mental | Alleviates depression.

Calcite - Clear

    Brings soul healing.

    Mental | Open inner & outer eyes.

Calcite - Green

    Heals the mind.

    Mental | Dissolves rigid beliefs & old programs.

Calcite - Optical

    Amplifies images & heals eyes.

    Mental | Reduces tension that causes migraines.

Calcite - Orange

    Heals reproductive system & gallbladder.

    Physical | Heals intestinal disorders like Irritable bowel syndrome.

Calcite - Pink

    Heals nervous conditions.

    Mental | Prevents nightmares.

Calcite - Red

    Heals hip & lower limb problems.

    Mental | Alleviates fear.

Calcite - Rhomboid

    Powerful healer of the past.

    Mental | Closes off mind's unnecessary chatter.


    Accelerates bone & ligaments healing.

    Physical | Influences female reproductive organs & increases fertility.


    Heals aura.

    Physical | Treats eyes, ears & assists in elimination of toxins.


    Heals eyes, gall bladder, bones, spleen & circulatory system.

    Mental | Lessens effects of dementia & senility.

Chalcedony - Blue

    Heals lungs & clears respiratory system of the effects of smoking.

    Physical | Lowers blood pressure.


    All around healing stone.

    Physical | Removes unwanted skin growth.


    Beneficial for tricky relationships, stabilizing & sealing.

    Physical | Cools & heals infections, especially throat & tonsils.


    Heals the inner child, releases emotions locked since childhood.

    Mental | Heals co-dependence.


    It's green ray assists in the healing of malignant conditions.

    Physical | Improves vision.


    Heals ulcers & wounds.

    Emotional | Rekindles libido.

Fluorite - Blue

    Amplifies healing potential.

    Physical | Heals the eye, nose, ear & throat problems.

Fluorite - Clear

    Enhances the effect of other crystals during healing.

    Physical | Clear obscured vision.

Fluorite - Yittrian

    Effective all around healer.

Herkimer Diamond - Smokey

    Heals the earth (base) chakra.


    Removes toxins, rebinds cellular & skeletal systems. Assists in the healing of stitches (great for broken bones & post surgical healing).

    Physical | Assists fertility & childbirth.

Jasper - Blue

    Heals degenerative diseases.

    Physical | Balances mineral deficiency.

Jasper - Brown / Picture

    Heals skin conditions.

    Mental | Strengthens resolve to give up smoking.

Jasper - Green

    Heals ailments of upper torso, digestive track.

    Physical | Reduces toxicity & inflammation.

Jasper - Mookite

    Heals wounds & purifies the blood.

    Physical | Fortifies the immune system.

Jasper - Red

    Stone of health, purification & detoxification.

    Physical | Dissolves blockages in liver or bile ducts.

Jasper - Tiger Iron

    Heals hips, lower limbs & feet, strengthens muscles.

    Physical | Works on blood, balances red-white cell count.

Jasper - Yellow

    Releases toxins & heals digestion & stomach.


    Swelling & heals stomach pain.

    Physical | Diminishes glandular & lymphatic.


    Heals heartaches especially that which is carried from other lives.

    Physical | Treats neuralgia.


    Promotes healing dreams.

    Physical | Treats muscular disorders.

Labradorite - Yellow

    Heals stomach, spleen, liver, gall bladder & adrenal glands.


    Very versatile healing stone.

    Emotional | Placed on solar plexus, it assists in deep emotional healing.


    Heals upper digestive disorders related to emotional stress.

    Physical | Excellent for conception, pregnancy, childbirth & breast feeding.


    Provides deep soul healing.

    Mental | Mercilessly exposes flaws, weakness & blockages.

Obsidian - Apache Tear

    Calms muscle spasms & aids in removing roxins from the body.

    Physical | Enhances assimilation of vitamins C and D.

Obsidian - Blue

    Opens the aura to receive healing energies.

    Mental | Treats speech defects, eye disorders, alzheimer's, schizophrenia & multiple personality disorder.

Obsidian - Blue-Green

    Aids overall healing.

    Physical | Enhances night vision.

Obsidian - Gold Sheen

    Shows what is needed for healing.

Obsidian - Green

    Treats gall bladder.

    Physical | Opens & purifies the heart & throat chakras.

Obsidian - Mahogany

    General reliever of pain & improves circulation.

    Physical | Restores the correct spin of the sacral & solar plexus chakras.

Obsidian - Snowflake

    It's elixir is good for the skin & the eyes.

    Physical | Treats veins & skeleton structure.


    Beneficial for teeth, bones, marrow, blood disorders & feet.

    Emotional | Can be used to heal old grief & sorrows.


    Assists with the treatment of Parkinson's disease, various infections & fevers.

    Physical | Purifies the blood & kidneys. Also aids in regulating insulin production.

Opal - Black / Brown

    Resonates with sacral chakra & the reproductive organs.

    Emotional | Useful for releasing sexual tension that arises from an emotional cause.

Opal - Blue

    Can enhance communication especially of that which has been suppressed through lack of confidence

Opal - Cherry

    Promotes tissue regeneration & heals blood disorders, muscle tension & spinal disorders.

    Mental | Helpful in healing headaches that arise from a blocked & unopened third eye.

Opal - Fire

    Heals the intestines & kidneys.  Balances the adrenal glands & prevents burn out.

    Emotional | Stimulates sexual organs

Opal - Green

    Strengthens the immune system & alleviates colds & flu.

    Emotional | Promotes emotional recovery & aids relationship building.


    Releases & neutralizes toxins on all Levels & Banishes lethargy.

    Physical | Strengthens metabolism, benefits skin rejuvination, aids heart, thymus, lungs, gallbladder, spleen & intestinal track functions.

Quartz - Clear

    Cleanses & enhances the organs & subtle bodies. Clear quartz is a Master Healer & can be used for any condition.

    Physical | Stimulates immune system & is excellent for soothing burns.

Quartz - Harlequin

    Strengthens veins & memory. Assists in overcoming any thyroid deficiencies.

    Physical | Harmonizes the subtle & physical nervous systems.

Quartz - Tangerine

    Harmonizes the sacral chakra, stimulating the flow of creative energy.

    Mental | Excellent stone to use after a shock or trauma.

Quartz - Aqua Aura (man-made)

    Activates the throat chakra, encouraging communication from the heart.

    Physical | Strengthens the thymus gland.

Quartz - Rose Aura (man-made)

    Imbues the whole body with love, restoring the cells to perfect balance.

    Mental | Transmutes seeply held doubts about self worth.

Quartz - Ruby Aura (man-made)

    Benefits the endocrine system & acts as a natural antibiotic for fungal Infections & parasites.

    Emotional | Cleanses the base chakra of old survival issues & abuse.

Quartz - Sunshine Aura (man-made)

    Relieves constipation on all levels & releases toxins.

    Emotional | Activates the solar plexus, releasing old emotional trauma & hurt.

Quartz - Rose

    Strengthens the heart & circulatory system & releases impurities from body fluids. Heals the kidneys & adrenals & alleviates vertigo.

    Physical | When placed on the thymus, it aids chest & lung problems.

Quartz - Smokey

    Blocks geopathic stress & due to its own experience with radiations serves as a great tool to heal from radiation-related illness or chemotherapy.

    Physical | Provides pain relief. Is Effective for ailments of the abdomen, hips & legs.


    Acts as an irritant filter & relieves asthma & respiratory problems. Purifies circulatory system & kidneys. Restores poor eyesight.

    Physical | Invigorates the sexual organs & assists with the dilation of the blood vessels.


    Fortifies the body's batural resistance & assists with the treatment of veins, rashes, skin disorders & infections.

    Physical | Dissolves kidney stones & hardened tissue.


    Detoxifies the body, blood & lymph. Treats fevers, infectious disease & restricted Blood flow.

    Physical | Attracts sexual energy & overcomes lethargy, imparting potency & vigor.


    Guards against epileptic seizures. It assists with the neutralization of mercury poisoning.

    Physical | Reverses the effect of free radicals.

Selenite - Green

    Helps to gracefully overcome the effects of aging on the skin & skeleton.

Selenite - Fishtail

    Provides deep healing for the nerves.

    Emotional | It is extremely calming, Stabilizing emotions & defusing tension.


    Treats Tonsillitis. Increases clotting properties of the blood & clears blockages From inter-cellular structures.

    Physical | Stimulates the third eye & throat chakras.


    Clears electromagnetic pollution & cleanses the lymphatic system. Boosts the immune system functioning.

    Physical | Treats the throat, vocal cords & larynx. It is helpful for digestive disorders. Assists with cooling of fevers & lowering of blood pressure.


    Treats brain disorders. Treats laryngitis & loss of taste. It can increase pigmentation in the skin.

    Physical | Strengthens ligaments.

Sugilite (Luvulite)

    Benefits cancer sufferers as it gently releases emotional turmoil. Draws off negative energy & lends loving support.

    Physical | An exceptionally good pain reliever (the manganese in sugilite clears headaches & discomforts at all levels). Treats epilepsy & motor disturbances & brings the nerves & brain into alignment.


    Placed on the site of the swelling, it reduces fibrous & tissue growths. Placed in bathwater or as an essence, it can alleviate painful swellings & joint problems.

    Physical | Gem elexir (to be applied externally only) reduces swellings, treats skin breakouts & joint problems.


    Stimulates self healing powers, regulates the autonomic nervous system & harmonizes all organs.

    Physical | Treats chronic sore throats & relieves stomach ulcers.


    Tektite balances the energy flow & may reverse chakra that is Spinning the wrong way.

    Physical | Reduces fevers & aids the capillaries & circulation. Prevents the transmission of diseases.

Tiger's Eye - Gold

    Anchors change in physical body.

    Physical | Treats eyes & aids night vision. Heals throat & reproductive organs.

Tiger's Eye - Blue

    Slows an overactive metabolism.

    Mental | Aids the overanxious & quick tempered & phobic mindset.


    Aids in digestion & combats anorexic tendencies. Restores the sense of taste & fortifies the nerves while also stimulating the metabolism.

    Physical | Elixir corrects the dimness of vision.

Topaz - Golden (Imperial)

    Regenerates cellular structures & strengthens the solar plexus chakra. It is also beneficial for enervous exhaustion & insufficient combustion of nutrients.

    Physical | Treats liver, gallbladder & endocrine glands.

Tourmaline - Black

    Boosts the immune system & aids in treating dyslexia, arthritis while providing pain relief & Realigning spinal column.

    Physical | Assists in spinal adjustments & balances male-female energies.

Tourmaline - Blue

    It serves as a useful diagnostic tool, assists in understanding the causes of dis-ease. It aids the pulmonary & immune systems.

    Physical | Corrects fluid imbalances, treats kidney & bladder, thymus & thyroid & chronic sore throat.

Tourmaline - Brown

    Treats intestinal Disorders & skin diseases.

    Physical | Stimulates regeneration in the whole body.

Tourmaline - Green (Verdelite)

    Facilitates weight loss & relieves exhaustion. Assists in realigning the spine & aids strained muscles. Brings calmness to hyperactive kids.

    Physical | Is a detoxifier & heals constipation & diarrhea.

Tourmaline - Pink

    Balances a dysfunctional endocrine system.

    Physical | Treats the heart, lungs & skin.

Tourmaline - Violet / Purple

    Treats sensitivity to pollutants, alzheimer's & epilepsy.

Tourmaline - Red

    Treats the digestive system, blood vessels & the reproductive system.

    Physical | Stimulates the blood circulation & spleen & liver functions.


    Heals eyes, especially those with cataracts. Reduces excess acidity & benefits gout, rheumatism & the stomach.

    Physical | It is anti-inflammatory & detoxifying which helps to alleviate cramps & pain.


    Stimulates healthy weight gain.

    Physical | Aids in pregnancy. Also assists with skin, tissue & hair growth.


    Helpful for breathing difficulties such as asthma & congested lung.

    Physical | Treats chronic exhaustion & bladder problems.


    Assists with uterine healing & childbirth or miscarriage (external use only).

    Emotional | It is a powerful healer of emotions & traumas that are deeply rooted in one’s emotional body.