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Crystals For Life Situations – Love


    ╚ Heals inner anger and fosters love and the courage to start again.
    ╚ Assists in overcoming negativity and bitterness.

    ╚ Manifests Universal Love.
    ╚ Enhances Loving Communication.

    ╚ Opens Higher Heart Chakra & brings Un-Conditional Love.
    ╚ Clears throat chakra and enables loving communication.

Calcite - Pink
    ╚ Heart Crystal - Brings Unconditional Love.
    ╚ Stone of Forgiveness.

Carnelian - Pink
    ╚ Helps Restore Love and Trust after Abuse of Manipulation.
    ╚ Improves Parent Child Relationship.

    ╚ Enhances Unity and Unconditional Love.
    ╚ Brings Domestic Bliss and Loyalty (Color Change Technique).

    ╚ Combines Unconditional Love with Tough Love.
    ╚ Deals with Issues of Servitude from Past and Present Lives.

    ╚ Inspire Love and Devotion.
    ╚ Balances the Sex Drive.

Garnet - Almandine
    ╚ Brings Deep Love and Aids in Integrating Truth.

Garnet - Red
    ╚ Represents Love.
    ╚ Revitalizes feelings and enhances sexuality.

    ╚ Associated with the Heart, Increases Love and Nurturing.
    ╚ Enhances harmony.

Jade - Red
    ╚ Associated with Love.
    ╚ Most Passionate and Stimulating Jade.

    ╚ Awakens the Heart Center and Unconditional Love.
    ╚ Strengthens Circulatory System and the Heart Muscle.

Kunzite - Green (Hiddenite)
    ╚ Links Intellect with Love.
    ╚ Grounds Spiritual Love.

Lapis Lazuli
    ╚ Bonds Relationship in Love and Friendship.
    ╚ Overcomes depression.

    ╚ Opens Heart to Unconditional Love.
    ╚ Facilitates in Child Birth (a.k.a. Midwife Stone).

Obsidian - Black
    ╚ Facilitates Release of Old Loves and Provides Support During Change.
    ╚ Placed on Naval Grounds Spiritual Energy Into Body.

Obsidian - Rainbow
    ╚ Cuts the Cords of Old Love and Gently Releases Hooks that Other Have Left in the Heart.

    ╚ Associates with Love, Passion, Desire and Eroticism. Can Act as an Emotional Stabilizer.
    ╚ Teaches How to Take Responsibility of Your Emotions.

Quartz - Harlequin
    Aids Expression of Universal Love and Acts as a Bridge Between Spiritual & Physical Worlds.

Quartz - Rose Aura

    ╚ Bestows Unconditional Love.

    ╚ Imbues the Whole Body with Love, Restoring the Cells to Perfect Balance.

Quartz - Rose

    ╚ Teaches True Essence of Love.

    ╚ Attracts Love (place in the relationship corner of your home.


    ╚ Represents Selfless Love and Compassion.  Attracts your Soul-mate For Higher Good.

    ╚ Especially for Those Who Feel Unloved. Excellent Stone for Healing Those With Sexual Abuse.


    ╚ Opens all Chakras to the Flow of That Spiritual Love.

    ╚ Imparts Ability to Face Up to Unpleasant Matters, alleviating sorrow, grief & fear.


    ╚ Known to Bring Love and Good Fortune.

    ╚ Excellent Emotional Support.

Tourmaline - Pink

    ╚ Provides Assurance That it is Safe to Love.

    ╚ Disperses Emotional Pain and Old Destructive Feelings Through the Heart Chakra.

Tourmaline - Red

    ╚ Strengthens the Ability to Understand Love.

    ╚ Heals & energizes the Sacral Chakra. This Color Offers Stamina & Endurance.

Tourmaline - Watermelon

    ╚ It is the Super Activator of the Heart Chakra.

    ╚ Fosters Love, Tenderness and Friendship.

Tourmaline - Yellow

    ╚ Teaches True Essence of Love.

    ╚ Aids Acceptance of Necessary Change (Excellent for Mid Life Crisis).


    ╚ Stimulates Romantic Love.

    ╚ It is Believed to Change Color to Warn of Danger of Infidelity.