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Beautiful and interesting products to enhance and adorn the conscious Body-Mind-Spirit lifestyle, all related to spiritual, inspirational, transformational, new age and metaphysical themes. Whether it be for yourself, your home, or your loved ones, you are sure to find meaningful and unique treasures here at The Point of Light!

Healing Crystals, Stones and Minerals

Many wonderful crystals both familiar and unique like Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Celestite and Aventurine in various formations for healing, meditation, protection and energy enhancement.

  • Small Tumbled Stones
  • Natural Clusters
  • Pencils and Wands
  • Spheres and Carvings
  • Large Geode Cathederals

Crystal and Gem Jewellery

Wonderful unique pieces from around the world. Pendants, Rings, Bracelets and Anklets. Why wear just any jewellery when you can wear crystal pieces that assist you with your energetic goals and intentions. For example...want to be more kind and loving towards yourself and others? Wearing rose quartz will help you attune to that frequency and manifest more in your life.


Divinely Inspired International Art

Beautiful Paintings, Carvings, Statues, Prints, Banners and Mandalas from Indian, Tibetan, Nepalese, Balinese, Asian, First Nations & Celtic sacred traditions including;

  • Buddhas, Deities, Gods and Goddesses
  • Angels, Devas, Elementals and Fairies
  • Astrological, Celestial and Mythological Themes
  • Sacred Symbols and Sacred Geometry

Uplifting Home Decor

Surround yourself with beauty. Make meaningful choices for your home.  We carry wonderful items to adorn and enhance your body, mind, spirit lifestyle.



Intuitive and Divination Kits and Accessories

 Tools to help you develop your own higher intuitive faculties.

  • Tarot Decks
  • Angelic Decks
  • Rune Kits
  • I-ching kits
  • Pendulums 

Books, CDs, and DVDs

A wide variety of books & media not typically found in your usual bookstores, all ready for your discovery!

A wide range of authors and subjects on higher consciousness, self-discovery, soul un-foldment, wisdom, faith, initiatic teachings, esoteric and mystery schools,  metaphysics, theosophy, yoga, spirituality, healing, energy, feng shui, astrology, crystals, quantum science, astronomy and so on...

Meaningful Stationery

Beautiful and illuminated calendars, cards &  journals  that provide beauty, spirit and  inspiration every day. Wonderful as gifts!